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Digital Ingredient Substitution Printable (With 47 Emergency Substitutes) + 3 Added FREE Kitchen Cheat Sheets

Digital Ingredient Substitution Printable (With 47 Emergency Substitutes) + 3 Added FREE Kitchen Cheat Sheets

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The easiest way to help you avoid running to google for emergency cooking information and hacks while you're cooking. 

This Ingredient Substitution Printable + the 3 additional FREE Kitchen Cheat Sheets are exactly what you need if you often find yourself spending time googling emergency substitutes when you run out of specific ingredients unexpectedly. It is the perfect way to save you tons of time and headaches in the kitchen.

Like a handy kitchen appliance, the Ingredient Substitution Printable is guaranteed to get A LOT of use as it basically is a life saver in the kitchen. 

Have you ever been in the middle of making a meal, with hands dirty and probably some aggravation that things aren't going like you planned with a recipe? This in itself is quite frustrating, but imagine having to also stop what you were doing to google the best substitute for one or maybe two ingredients that you've magically run out of.

If you've ever been there, then you will understand exactly why this Ingredient Substitution Printable with 47 emergency substitutes is a Must Have in your kitchen! It has all the answers you will need right there in a beautifully designed printable format.

So feel free to order this super useful list of emergency substitutes that are sure to come in handy. Also, we felt generous, so we included a few other functional kitchen cheat sheets that are useful.

When you order and download the Ingredient Substitution Chart + Other Kitchen Cheat Sheets you will receive:

  • Ingredient Substitution Printable  With 47 Ingredient Substitutes (2 pages)
  • Kitchen Conversion Printable
  • Grocery shopping List Printable
  • Important Kitchen Information Printable (Oven conversions, Liquid Conversions, Dry conversions & Meat temperatures)

    This nifty printable bundle is ideal for yourself, or for your older kids who've probably just moved out on their own, or for anyone you know who likes to cook and can make use of a these easy to use and convenient printable kitchen cheat sheets.

    Why you need the Ingredient Substitution Printable + And The FREE Kitchen Cheat Sheets

    Hassle Free and Time Saving Kitchen Tool You Didn’t know You Needed - You can never really stay on top of all the things and so sometimes, you’re missing an ingredient that you swore you had in your kitchen. The Ingredient Substitution Printable with 47 emergency substitutes for common ingredients, gives you peace of mind. You can always find a quick replacement in a snap without needing to use google. The secondary printables including the Kitchen conversion Cheat Sheet and the Important Kitchen Information are just as important in helping you get hassle free cooking information in a snap.

    Stylish Convenience - These printables can also help you add a nice touch of style and decor to your kitchen. Many people just print out and laminate their kitchen printables and stick them inside of a kitchen binder. While this is okay, you can go a step further and frame the most used printable in a nice picture frame and add it to an empty area in your kitchen for some stylish convenience.

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